akhr is fasalay ki asal wajha kiya thi

If you are looking to try and find these hidden N’s you will need to be looking at the large version of the painting first of all. Try looking in the sky, on rocks, on the cabins or in trees. You might also find the N’s on canoe’s, tree stumps, or other random objects that … Read more

fasalay ki asal wajha kiya thi

Forgive and Forget and Move on. Pico is the most forgiving dog I have known. There are occasions when I had mistakenly harshly chastise him for misbehavior. He will shrink from me with both ears drooping down to show how sorry he is. When I realized some mishap is not his fault and apologize to … Read more

Chinese Baby Rescued Miraculously

an e, but it’s not. If you try to copy it, you will see nothing unnecessary in the writing. It has a beginning stroke and an end stroke, the letter itself inside may pass for an o. Unlike the regular ‘o’, which is usually written in two motions-a counter-clockwise swoop, forming a complete circle, followed … Read more

Rescued Miraculously

management at the executive level has to make a decision to shift power and authority from functional management and create a service organization with decision making authority given to project leaders. To place a PMO within the current management structure can and will cause conflicts. The resources need to be available to do work on … Read more

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Without successful project completion incentives, there is no incentive for sales to close deals that can be profitably delivered. There are many valid reasons the delivery team needs to have joint responsibility in the creation of the SOWAlways be ready to respond when an opportunity presents itself. Pico sleeps most of the day and when … Read more

Most Shocking Ghost Videos

Pico has taught me to be alert for opportunities at all times in all circumstancesDon’t wait to show appreciation. When I pet Pico, he instantly licks me in return. He doesn’t just sit there and enjoy being petted and then think to himself, “Aaah this is so nice; maybe I will show Alan I really … Read more